Rovic Orchard, Citrus & Vineyard Sprayers

The revolution in complete coverage and efficiency has arrived. The patented Rovic Holdings EVENFLOW Turret system gives you complete coverage and control over your orchard, citrus and vineyard spray applications.

Rovic Agri - Sprayer - Hero
Key Features
  • 1500, 2000, and 3000 litre capacity available
  • Adjustable width axle
  • Bellyplate protection
  • Easy maintenance - Easy Access Service System
  • Engineered and built from the ground up
  • Full electric control
  • Rinse and handwash tank
  • Six blade fans - less noise, less energy required

The secret is in the patented Rovic Holdings EVENFLOW turret

Where other sprayers simply blow air from a central point, the Rovic EVENFLOW Turret maximises the airblast through a series of ducts that contain the spray nozzles. The airblast is fully controlled, and maximised to ensure even and efficient application right across the vine or tree.

This means there is reduced drift and air contamination, which maximises effectiveness.

Watch the Rovic EVENFLOW in action