What makes a Rovic spreader different

Rovic Holdings spreaders do not need a pre-mapped paddock. Simply use the controller to map the paddock on the go.

TeeJet equipped - Rovic have chosen the TeeJet ISOBUS controller for our spreaders. Rovic Holdings have a long association with TeeJet controllers and stand by their reputation for durability, reliability and backup.

Rovic Agri - Spreader Features
  • Full front to back two year warranty on manufacturing, parts and build quality.
  • Rear door opens to 320mm for consistent and even feed of fertiliser to spinners. Also able to open wide enough for lime, gypsum, mulch or all types of manure.
  • All bearings and hydraulic components are proprietary - available from quality machinery parts suppliers.
  • Feed chain warranty is five years. Any failure in the feed chain - sustained under normal operating conditions - will be replaced free of charge within the first five years.
  • Twin chain technology combined with the patented software program gives you real width and variable rate to either side of the machine.
  • Quality full flotation tyres. Interchangeable for wheel widths 2.2m or 3m.
  • Fully OH&S compliant - including no PTO shaft, internal and external ladders, full light kit and hydraulic brakes.
  • Quality structural stainless steel hopper and all fertiliser engaging components. For long-term durability and lifespan.
Specifications are subject to change without warning.