Twin Chain Technology

The patented Twin Chains carrying the fertiliser to the spinners and the Twin Chain Technology software are the keys to saving up to 30% of fertiliser.

Rovic Spreaders - Twin Chain Option

The Twin Chain Technology gives you full control of the spread width to either side automatically in conjunction with the GPS position. Competitors GPS systems are only able to map, or change the overall rate based on the GPS position.

Think about your spreading. Where do you waste fertiliser? Headlands, dodging trees dams etc, unevenly shaped paddocks? Rovic Spreaders automatically vary the width to either side independently or stop and start in the headlands with no input from the operator.

Plus the Rovic Twin Chain Technology will spread anything a single chain or belt spreader will, but control the product more accurately.

Do I save fertiliser?

Independent tests showed savings of 10-30% depending on conditions. The Rovic Twin Chain Technology removes the waste areas for fertiliser automatically. Plus our patented system has been independently tested to a CoV of less than 13%. Proven even spreading and full control of the spread rate to both sides of the machine automatically.

Every Rovic Holdings spreader comes with a full test kit. This allows you to test with all fertiliser types in the paddock and using our online system you enter the data and get accurate test results straight back. No wasted fertiliser.